08/14/2012 02:18 pm ET Updated Oct 14, 2012

The Age of Insanity - Part 1, Trump

We have entered the age of insanity. It's here. Upon us. Full blown. Many decades in the past were referred to in such colorful terms as the "gay '90s" -- that was the 1890s, to clarify, not a parade of 90-year-old gay people. The 1920s was coined as the "Roaring '20s." The '50s, the "Fabulous '50s." The 1960s, "The Swinging '60s." Now "The Age of Insanity" is here with all of its ugliness, its madness, where truth no longer seems to exist. Where science is scorned. Where facts are turned into fiction. Where the crucial issues of our time are a daily form of entertainment.

Even Donald Trump has fallen under the spell of the Age of Insanity. Here's a wealthy educated man. Influential. A New York icon. And yet, he believes that Barack Obama is some kind of Manchurian Candidate president. He keeps saying he's heard that he wasn't born here. That he was actually born in Kenya and that the birth certificate is a fraud. And he is not alone. Many believe this.

But let's examine the logic.

That means there was some kind of devious conspiracy that had to be created to bring Obama to the presidency. When did these devious souls hatch the plan? When Obama was first born, a young baby wrapped in a blanket in the arms of his mother, in a village in Kenya? They saw the infant and said, "Look at that face. He could be president of the United States... Quick, we have to falsify his birth! A president must be born in the United States." "I'll take care of it immediately," someone said.

He was born in 1961, so a strategy had to be worked out.

"Where do we want him born? Massachusetts?"

"Nah. The Kennedys' got that state wrapped up."

"Somewhere in the South?"

"No. If we want him to be a Democrat, there could be trouble in the future. Civil Rights stuff is going to come up in the next few years."

Then someone said, "Hey, he's got grandparents in Hawaii."

"Perfect. And later we'll move him to Chicago. It's a good place to get a political background."

Or, was the plan hatched when he was at Harvard Law School and some sinister manipulator immediately saw his potential to become the president of the United States? So, immediately they not only falsified his birth certificate, but they figured out a way to insert his birth announcement into two Hawaiian newspapers some 50 years ago. How they were able to pull of that trick, I don't know. But in the age of insanity, anything is possible.

Now, only eight presidents have come from Harvard since the founding of this country. Two came as graduate students. Obama being one of them. So, I am assuming an elaborate plan had to be hatched on a very low percentage bet. Any rational person would say, what are the odds that a black student from Harvard Law named Barack Hussein Obama would one day be the president of the United States.? That's a long shot that might belie all mathematical statistics. First-round draft choices in the NFL don't always pan out.

But let's assume this elaborate plan was put into motion. What would be the motive? What would they hope to gain? What's the upside? What did they want Obama do once he became president of the United States? In movie terms, what would be the plot? So far, he has pandered to Wall Street. Played softball with them. He put Geithner as Treasury Secretary, a man who has always played buddy with Wall Street. He's bailed out General Motors and Chrysler, so he can't be anti-big business. He hasn't enacted any EPA rulings that would significantly affect big business. He has not cut any oil subsidies. He continued the Bush tax cuts for the rich. He wasn't soft on terrorism. In fact, he's been extremely aggressive in attacking terrorists. And he hasn't reduced the size of the military. So, what's the plot? What did these devious manipulators hope to gain by putting this man into the most powerful office on the face of the earth? To turn us into a totalitarian nation? To make us all bow to the Muslim world? To eliminate democracy? To eliminate free enterprise? To nationalize all of corporate America? Apparently not. What was this 51-year plot about? What was the endgame? The only thing that stands out in the Obama administration is national healthcare. Healthcare? Is that what drove these people to falsify birth certificates? To sneak him into Hawaii? To somehow to falsify his school records? To somehow manipulate things so that he could become the head of the Harvard Law Review? All of these shenanigans, so that one day the United States would have a national healthcare plan? That was the plot? I think Donald Trump, if he were to see this as a movie, would be less than thrilled by the climax. All that build up, and no sizzle at the end? It would hardly be worth the price of two tickets and some popcorn and two very large cokes. But in the Age of Insanity, anything is possible.

And of course there are those who will say it's not what he's done so far, it's what he will do if he is reelected. That's when the hammer is going to fall.

And of course I have only just scratched the surface.