10/08/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Hey Obama: Knock Off the Zen/Dukakis Stuff

Hey Obama,

When George Stephanopolous asks you, as he just did on his show, What do you think of Sarah Palin's dig against community organizing in her convention speech?--for the love of everything precious, please do not just smile and say it's "curious..." and recount in a reasonable voice what you did.

That reply, on such a topic as this, is for wimps and losers.

Reply how you regard Palin's dig as offensive--an offense to the out-of-work steel workers whose lives you, as a community organizer, helped put back together.

Reply that Palin's sneering dig, and Rudy Giuliani's sneering dig, just show the same old Republican disrespect and cluelessness of the misery working people are suffering in this country.

Reply that it shows how Palin and the GOP (get the linkage?) have no answers on how to improve the hard times for working people brought on by the catastrophic enrich-the-wealthy policies of this administration.

Reply how the gap between the rich and working folk in this country is a yawning abyss--highest in a century. An outrage.

Reply how Palin and the GOP just don't get it, don't get how working people are being crushed by Republicans' ignorance and hostile policies.

Damn it all Obama, HAMMER BACK. Cut the cool zen smiling on such topics You're in a fight with people who are wrecking this country--it's not a policy chat. (These are people will actually try to hide their VP candidate from public scutiny. These are people who will use Big Lie tactics--what else can you call repeating a lie over and over, even when after it's been exposed?)

All the might of real suffering life is on your side, Obama--all the outrage. Use it.