09/18/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Military Overwhelmingly Supports the Other Guy

Oh boy. We better brace for a tremendous outpouring from talk radio and such outlets of right wing ire as Instapundit, littlegreenfootballs, Powerline, and Free Republic. And I have to admit, even as an Obama partisan, I was shocked by the news that John McCain is receiving six times as much money from active duty service personnel as Barack Obama. It's hard to interpret this as anything but a profound indictment of Obama's message that our Iraq war policy is fatally flawed. Clearly the people closest to the action believe in John McCain's plan to win the war and reject Obama's cut and run foolishness. We shouldn't be surprised, I suppose, McCain is the war hero and Obama never served in the military and then there's the traditional military affinity for Republicans...

Wait a minute--ha ha, sorry about that. Turns out it's Barack Obama who is receiving six times as much in donations from active duty service personnel as John McCain! Well, never mind, can't really draw any conclusions from that at all. Just a weird factoid.