08/09/2013 02:19 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2013

What to Do in Glasgow, Local-Style

Right-o, Glasgow's up for the spotlight this week. What can we say about Glasgow? According to one of our locals Gill, Glasgow has one of the best music scenes in the UK and the people are a friendly bunch! New author, Gordon Ford, loves the compactness of the city and the fact that there's always something to do. Stuart and Jennifer completely agree, with Jennifer stating: "it is impossible not to find a restaurant, pub or activity to suit your taste!"

Lastly Julia reminds us of Glasgow being a European City of Culture in the past, and ends with telling us she couldn't imagine being happier anywhere else. That's quite a lot of praise for this city! To emphasize these statements, we've selected a few of the reasons why our Locals love their city.

First up is the Riverside Museum. Now you will need at least half a day for this trip, the museum is 7 Olympic swimming pools big. And besides all the artifacts in the museum (cars, trams, bikes etc) the building itself is a sight to see!

Fancy a drink? Or a decent midnight snack? Bloc+ is open till 03:00! Now we're not saying you should only visit for that midnight snack, Bloc+ has got plenty of weekly music events on for you to enjoy.

More and more people prefer a visit to a-not-as-blockbustery-not-so-massive-cinema establishment. Gill recommends Grosvenor Cinema for that. Two small screening rooms, filled with cushy armchairs, air (some) blockbusters, classics and cult movies.

Coffee and tea in Merchant City. For that, come to Cranberry's! Sit in- or outside, grab light bite to eat and enjoy their cozy atmosphere.

Every month you'll have two opportunities to visit Glasgow's Mansfield Park Farmers Market. From 10:00 - 14:00, every 2nd and 4th Saturday, enjoy the market's fresh produce to buy and take home, or grab a bite to eat right there.

For a more active night out, visit Boteco on Wednesdays for their weekly Salsa sessions. For some amazing cocktails, but more importantly for their amazing dishes, visit The Stravaigin. With a motto like 'think global, act local', you can expect international dishes made from local produce that are extremely high quality according to Gill! Staying in the food category (sort of), pack a picnic and head over to The Botany for dining 'al fresco' in beautiful surroundings.

For a wee bit of shopping, mainly vintage furniture, stop at Love Salvage. This is an extremely popular recommendation on our city blog.

Finishing up this random selection; a tip for laughs, The Stand. Make sure you get there early, as the good tables are snatched up quickly. With a reasonable to low entrance fee, this is a great night out with plenty of fun.

Glasgow tips from the Locals!

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