06/05/2013 07:07 pm ET Updated Aug 05, 2013

Where Stockholm Locals Hang Out

My last post was about Paris, the city of Love or the city of Lights. Today, it's all about the Venice of the North, Stockholm! Stockholm is another one of our 51 city blogs where locals share their favorite hangouts with the public.

Louise, soon to be mother of two, enjoys exploring her own city and sharing this with others. She's continually surprised people know (for example) Thailand better than their own city. But this could probably be explained with 'the grass is always greener on the other side'. One particular recommendation by Louise is the great Taylors & Jones, a British butcher where you can learn how to make your own sausage!

Aaron, the youngest Spotter for Stockholm, has recommended, in the category food, Tunnbrödsrullar, which he thinks is the King of Street food in Stockholm. Another tip is the indoor food market Hötorgshallen. One other foodie example is his Nystekt Strömming tip for fried herring.

In the drinks category, the Spotters have many recommendations. This is just a small selection. Like the uniquely named Snotty Sounds Bar tip from Anna and the The Vampire Lounge from Natalia.

Natalia also recommends the cafe Gildas Rum for a great atmosphere & super sandwiches and for the climbers among us, the Klattercentret.

Our second male Spotter, Vasco, has the only Spotter recommendation for a hair cut and that's Noir. Entrusting someone with your haircut is a tricky business, so it's always great to have tips!

We'll end this entry with one last tip from Vasco, and that's Café Rival, but there's more to see at Spotted by Locals Stockholm online, via the Android & iPhone app or as a PDF city guide. Check the slideshow below!