11/17/2012 11:02 am ET Updated Jan 17, 2013

Where Zurich Locals Hang Out On Cold Autumn Days

When discovering a new city, seeing its highlights and visiting spots the locals love, most people prefer sunny and dry weather. However, if this were the only time we traveled to see a city, you'd be stuck visiting a city together with thousands of other people. Forget being able to see a landmark, and prepare yourself for pictures of the back of other people's heads!

Thankfully, most people realize that a city is also quite beautiful and enjoyable in autumn. But where are the locals during this season? Are they hiding out at work or at home, not daring to venture out into the cold? Well no, the locals are out and about just as much. You probably won't find them in parks, though.

What do locals in Zurich recommend during the autumn season? Well, Zurich locals love their saunas. And this is not bound to a type of weather, but something to enjoy year-round! Coffee and hot chocolate is also a year-round thing, and combined with a long and relaxing brunch on windy days, it's even better! Or better yet, cuddle up to your friend during a movie screening at an art-house cinema, or dream away at a piano bar. Then you can really forget about the rainy weather!

But if you're someone that loves to see the oranges, yellows and reds of nature around you, hiking through a forest would be right up your alley. Or check out the various Marroni stalls to try out roasted chestnuts!

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Where Zurich locals go during Autumn