05/17/2013 03:27 pm ET Updated Jul 16, 2013

Time to Get Serious?

hello out there
have you thought about
the fact that:

the oceans are steadily dying
the economy is in the tank
wars start with politicians lying
we've got generals and arms peddlers to thank.

the air's so dirty our kids have asthma
the weather's gone beserk
there's toxins in our plasma
and people are still flat out of work.

supergerms collect in pools
behind every hospital door
there's no money for our schools
still the army cries out for more.

the cities will be flooded
as the ice not so slowly melts
fukushima's radiation is included
echoing hiroshima's brutal welts.

the stock market is soaring
we'll close our eyes until we crash
the bankers aren't lending
your money just their personal stash.

the ads show cute people with smart phones
changing the world or just shifting screens?
the super-rich live in luxury homes
you can read it in the magazines.

guns do kill, we all know it
in our schools and on the street
without them kids aren't deadly
just throwing punches not deadly metal sleet.

Monsanto tampers with the seeds of life
And ruins poor farmers who won't play ball
While big pharma pushes lifestyle drugs
And leaves antibiotics out in the hall.

but Kim and Khloe are very happy
and are quickly getting rich
I don't blame them but people really
does your tv have a turn-off switch?

do you care what Cruise's kids look like
or who should draft that left tackle from Tennessee
do you stay up after midnight
posting facebook photos no one wants to see?

I don't mean to sound alarmist
But it's our kids' futures I'm talking about
Of people I may not be the calmest
But I don't think it's weird to want to shout
You're human not an ostrich
Pull your head out from the sand
Take a breath and give yourself a lift
And lend the world a helping hand.