I'm Dreaming of a .....Green Christmas!

- Romi Lassally
This holiday season - perhaps more than ever before - eco-friendly gifts, trimmings and tips abound. So there's just no excuse for not going and giving green this year. But if you don't know where to begin, read on for ideas and inspiration. images.jpeg

I recommend a first stop at Treehugger's excellent Holiday Gift Guide They've compiled a list of their favorite gifts from 2006 and it's guaranteed to please all on your list - bookworm to outdoorsman to foodie and every hard-to-buy-for relative in between.

You can then move on to a shorter - and oh-so-chic list from Huffpost blogger and friend, Zem Joaquin of Eco-Fabulous fame. Also a contributing editor at House & Garden, Zem created a great green gift guide for their December issue which is guaranteed to keep you (and all the lucky people on your Christmas list) living a gorgeous and green life.

Next, click on over to a wonderful new site, GlobalGiving where you can give the gift of giving with a Global Giving gift certificate. Donate - in the names of friends and family - to the charities of your choice and learn about and help fund high-impact, grassroots projects from around the world. You'll feel good, your friends and family will feel good, and the world will feel even better.

And then move on to another great, it's better to give than to receive site run by the Heifer Foundation. Similar to GlobalGiving, you can purchase a gift (in this case an animal) - a cow, a sheep, some chicks and yes, even an entire arkful of animals - which will help children and families around the world receive training and gifts that help them become self-relient. I know it sounds crazy, but instead of bringing the standard thanks-for-having-me gifts to holiday parties this year, I'm bringing my hostess a card telling her that a flock of chicks has been sent in her name to Zimbawe. I hope she'll appreciate the fact that a needy family will now have 200 eggs this year instead of her having a new candle for her powder room.

And last but not least, if you do nothing else this holiday season, take those old, energy-guzzling lights off of your tree replace them with either new LED or Solar Power holiday string lights. If we all replaced our conventional twinklies, at least two billion kilowatt-hours of electricity could be saved in a month.

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