08/04/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Men And Women: Oh So Different!

Think you know women? Think your man is all that simple? Think again. Sure, some of these are generalizations you may not fit into, but shedding any light on the topic of gender differences can make figuring out your sister in law, boss or stepson a tiny bit easier.


1. Whose computer is more likely to be infected with a virus?
2. Who is more likely to be attracted to a sense of humor?
3. Who is more likely to date online?
4. Who remembers more people at high school reunions?
5. Who has better peripheral vision?
6. Who is more likely to reach for a cocktail when stressed?
7. Who has a harder time staying fit as they age?
8. Who eats more meat?
9. Who is better at detecting whether someone is lying?
10. Who has a harder time going to sleep after a fight?

(Answers: 1. Men, 2. Women, 3. Men, 4. Women, 5. Women, 6. Men, 7. Women, 8. Men, 9. Women, 10. Women)


1. Men are more likely to project their own feelings onto their partners and women are more likely to listen to what their partners are actually saying. True.

2. Men are more likely to dwell in the past and believe that it will repeat itself. False. More women believe that the past is an indicator of the future.

3. When watching erotica, men tend look at the women's faces first, and women first focus on the sex. True.

4. When men cook for women on a date, it actually turns women off because it blurs the line of traditional gender roles in our society. False. Actually in nature, we often see males providing females with food as enticement to mate or as a courting gesture.

5. Wearing too much perfume can signal being down or depressed. True.

6. Men hate chick flicks. False. Deep down, men enjoy chick flicks, just as long as they are "fictitious" (more make believe) because it allowed to them to relax emotional norms and enjoy themselves more.

7. It's harder for women to enjoy themselves in bed if their feet are cold. True.