09/08/2010 04:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New FlashForward DVD Set to Include "Blackout" Feature

In entertainment news, the new FlashForward DVD set, which was originally released August 31st, will now come standard with a "blackout" feature so viewers won't remember how terrible the series was after watching it. ABC felt the new feature was necessary since watching just a minute of the series is privy to unintended laughter, an abundance of "I mean, really?" and even disposing the DVD set in a nearby garbage receptacle.

"A lot of viewers were complaining about the lack of replay value and even how there was more than one episode," said ABC executive, Mark Harison. "Instead of just recalling all the DVD sets and burning them in a bonfire [as most people suggested], we thought -- 'wait a second, why don't we just do what we do on FlashForward itself, and cover up mediocre entertainment with a global blackout?' All a viewer has to do now is complete watching the DVD set, briefly discuss how awful it was with friends, and then press the 'blackout' button to forget everything up to pressing play."

According to sources, while the new "blackout" feature has been successful with FlashForward, those who have unfortunately been gifted DVD sets of Glee are apparently equally frustrated they are not entitled to a similar feature.

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