11/15/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Patrick Swayze Will Respond to Each Fan's Condolences Through Whoopi Goldberg's Twitter

In entertainment news, hours after actor/dancer Patrick Swayze was pronounced dead from his long-time battle with pancreatic cancer, the dead Swayze announced that he plans to take the time to respond to each of the millions of fan's condolences through Whoopi Goldberg's Twitter account. Swayze, who was best known for his roles in Dirty Dancing and Ghost, always had a reputation of "appreciating fans," and didn't want "death" to interfere with it.

"Thanks for all the RIPs," typed the dead Swayze to the first of the 15 million fans who posted on Twitter, as his ghost-self sat on Goldberg's lap. "Also, if you will really miss me, click here for a free iPod!"

In addition to all the fans, celebrities have come out of the woodwork to share their own stories and opinions about Swayze's Twitter craze.

"You have to admire him," said former Ghost co-star, Demi Moore. "He just has such a passion for life, an untenable courage, and real knack for social internet networks."

"I'll never forget when he poked me on Facebook three hours after his death was announced," said former Dirty Dancing co-star, Jennifer Grey. "It was surreal -- it made me feel like a kid again -- though I don't really know why."

"Knowing Patrick, he won't rest -- if dead people even do that," said Swayze's PR manager. "He'll just sit there until every last 'RIP Patrick Swayze, I luv you!' is responded to. I'm going to miss him. He was a gentle soul, and really took all his film roles way too seriously -- especially Ghost."

Funeral details have not yet been released. Despite rumors, Whoopi Goldberg will not assume Swayze's role on The Beast with the ghost-guidance of Swayze whispering each line in her ear.

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