02/21/2012 12:15 pm ET Updated Apr 22, 2012

Concert Whereabouts (Feb. 20 - Feb. 26)

The most notable shows of the week may be the ones I am choosing not to attend. There's the hip hop artist I've seen before, and whose musical output is even less consistent than that which we see from him on the big and little screens. Then there's the frontman who continues to insist on using the moniker of a once great rock band in order to sell tickets. It appears to be his legal right, just as much as it ours to stay away. It's not that the concerts that I will attend are entirely unknown, but just that much more reliable than the big names.

Monday, February 20 -- Yasiin Bey: 9:30 Club (Not Attending)

I think Mos Def should be supported as much as possible if he's willing to act less and make more music. Whether he's going by this name or another, the more music he makes, and the fewer movies and TV shows he's in, the better chance we have in seeing him return to a level of music greatness we saw in the late '90s. I've seen the Mighty Mos before, and am content with that. For those attending, just hope there's nothing wrong with his flight this time.

Tuesday, February 21 -- Other Lives: Red Palace

The ethereal sounds of Other Lives may have you quick to make comparisons, but at this point, I'm not willing to call them derivative. There are too many influences and too much honesty told through a myriad of emotions to think this band has nothing new to offer. Without having seen them live, my judgments are likely not fully formed, but I'm more than willing to take that next step.

Wednesday, February 22 -- Islands: Black Cat

The description on the Black Cat website markets Islands as the meeting point of weird and melodic. The best melodies and harmonies have come from some of the weirdest men and women pop and rock music have ever known. Not willing to say this show will reach those pantheons of musical history, but those in attendance will, more than likely, see a great show. In addition, be sure to get inside with enough time to catch Idiot Glee begin the evening.

Thursday, February 23 -- Galactic: 9:30 Club

The otherwise high-energy funk of Galactic should be heightened as they're joined on stage by Corey Glover of Living Colour. Although the musical prowess of the members of the band have never needed a hype man, the collaboration seems far less like a true jump the shark moment, than a natural musical marriage that should result in a perfectly frenetic show.

Not Attending -- Guns N' Roses: Fillmore Silver Spring

I'm a firm believer in respecting how someone self-identifies, so if Axl wants to be on stage with an assorted group of people who are best known, if known at all, for not being in GnR, let's let him. I'm just not going to pay close to a hundred dollars to watch it happen. Slowing down to look at a car crash is free.

Not Attending -- The Twilight Sad: Rock and Roll Hotel

In my one other experience seeing The Twilight Sad, I ended up preferring one of the openers. I tend to enjoy their studio efforts, but there was something about that night that just didn't capture my attention. If not for a concert conflict, I would likely give them another chance, perhaps if only to see Micah P Hinson start out the show.

Friday, February 24 -- Juniper Lane: IOTA

Full disclosure: I'm friends with a band member's wife. I was introduced to Juniper Lane during a time in my life I look back at with great fondness. The earnest joys in their rock sounds match these memories for me. Whether you are one of their devoted followers in the D.C. area or entirely new to their music, the happiness should be effectively contagious.

Saturday, February 25 -- Javelin: Red Palace

Luckily for us, Javelin's laid back dance-inspired songs are likely best suited for a Saturday night. Although that which we hear on record trends to the more relaxed end of things, I'm working under the assumption that an engrossed crowd will keep this duo far from lulling anyone to sleep.