02/27/2012 09:40 am ET Updated Apr 28, 2012

Concert Whereabouts (Feb. 27 - Mar. 4)

Once again, I'm skipping out on the big name. The other name typically seen in modest lights has left his band behind and instead of playing in the bigger club in town, he's settling for the more cramped space across the way. The genres are a relatively mixed-bag, offering entertainment to a potentially diverse demographic. There will be comfort to be had in the various music venues across D.C. Whether it's pop, hip-hop, rock, or rockabilly that makes you feel at home, there's somewhere for you to be this week.

Tuesday, February 28 - Chiddy Bang: U Street Music Hall

The shows most accurately and completely described simply as "fun" seem to find their ways to U Hall these days. The hip-hop duo has risen to significant levels of popularity in pop circles, and well deserved. There's plenty of levity in Chiddy Bang's songs, and that desire to have a good time in the group's sound should translate effortlessly in the live setting.

Wednesday, February 29 - Dinosaur Feather: Black Cat

The acoustic tropically-tinged melodies of Dinosaur Feathers may get you trying to shake off the more irritating world of indie-pop, but give these guys a chance. They're not dependent on being the very poor man's Beach Boys. Their voices just tend to come together to form sweet sounding harmonies. Dinosaur Feathers proves that there's nothing inherently wrong with this ability... when used in responsible moderation.

Not Attending - Lauryn Hill: Warner Theatre

I'm in the minority. I was at the allegedly ill-fated Rock the Bells performance at Merriweather Post, and enjoyed it. I didn't enjoy the delay, nor the range of excused. In the end, however, Ms. Hill delivered a performance worthy of her tumultuous but storied legacy. The songs don't sound exactly the same way they did on record, but that tends to be my preference. Not attending just in case Lauryn decides to get her nails done long after the metro stops running.

Thursday, March 1 - The Life and Times: Black Cat

While the sonically complex rock of The Life and Times will make for a suitable headlining show on Thursday night, it's the preceding act, Office of Future Plans, that I'm looking forward to the most. Led by J. Robbins, formerly of Jawbox, the Black Cat crowd should be treated to plenty of music reminiscent of that with which have fallen in love over the years.

Friday, March 2 - Craig Finn: Rock and Roll Hotel

The Hold Steady leader has left the anthems at home, but the wordy and smart rock and roll will be coming on the road with Craig Finn. The energy levels won't be at the same highs as when Finn is joined by his bandmates, but there is little chance that the endearingly jittery singer will be able to contain himself. He's a frontman at heart.

Saturday, March 3 - Dex Romweber Duo: Red Palace

I will admit that Dex Romweber was largely an unknown entity to me until Jack White's promotion of this brother/sister team. The Flat Duo Jets veteran continues with reviving rockabilly with earnest abandon. There's ample amounts of darkness to keep it interesting.