09/04/2012 05:55 pm ET Updated Nov 04, 2012

Concert Whereabouts (Sept. 4 - Sept. 9)

Now that you have hopefully, and properly, celebrated the contributions of the labor movement to American society by enjoying a long weekend, it's time to get to work. Not work exactly. Actually, not work at all. It is, however, a busy weekend filled with European upstarts and rock and roll heroes. With any luck, you're tanned, rested and ready. I've got two out of the three covered.

Tuesday, September 4 -- Breton: DC9

Breton offers a cross-section of ethereal pop and electronic music. There's a beat. There's a hook. It's laid-back, but still catchy as hell. You may have seen these Brits credited for a remix or two. On Tuesday night, they don't play second fiddle to any middling indie-pop act.

Wednesday, September 5 -- Holograms: DC9

What was a Holograms show over at Red Palace is now an opening slot for Hacienda across town. Stay for the headliners, but arrive early enough. There are only so many chances you'll ever have to see good, bratty, Swedish pop-punk.

Not Attending -- Deerhoof: Black Cat

It's not that Deerhoof is too weird for me. They're just weird enough that when there's an alternative I'll take it some of the time. There's nothing wrong with this choice, but I'll pass on the slightly experimental on Wednesday.

Thursday, September 6 -- Sunn O))): Black Cat

The lords of metal descend on Black Cat on Thursday night, which means a few things. 1.) The majority of the crowd reaching a higher plane of existence best described as metal bliss. 2.) A few people experiencing physical, mental and aural discomfort. 3.) More than a few onlookers pronouncing the band's name wrong.

Friday, September 7 -- Sondre Lerche: 9:30 Club

Like the best contemporary Scandinavian singer-songwriter types, Sondre Lerche is perfectly soft-spoken. Instead, he allows his pop sensibilities to do most of the talking. Lerche is equal parts his Norwegian birthplace and his New York home.

Saturday, September 8 -- Bob Mould: 9:30 Club

Mr. Mould returns to his home away from home Saturday night with new material in tow. Fear not he or she screaming for the kids to get off his or her lawn, before playing the totality of his newest record, "The Silver Age," we get to hear the Sugar's piece of perfection, "Copper Blue."

Not Attending -- Mission of Burma: Black Cat

The fact that this show is the same night as that which is occurring at the 9:30 club on Saturday night is proof that the music deities are both jealous and vengeful. If miracles do exist, those with sensible musical tastes will be able to see both shows, but if not, we must pick between rock gods.

Sunday, September 9 -- Jesus and Mary Chain: 9:30 Club

Speaking of which, Jesus and Mary Chain will be at the 9:30 club on Sunday night. Sunday night is the musical amalgamation of the week to this point. There are those who are either beautiful and noisy. There are those who are both. And then there is JAMC who manage to be just about everything.