03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Take Tuesdays to Task and Volunteer!

Just yesterday, I began my rant about how alarmingly vapid I find so much of what drives us during The Holidays. Since I hate complaining without offering solutions, I'm providing ideas each day this week on how we can revive values that truly make the holidays special. For my full introductory rant, please have a look here.

Here's an idea for Tuesdays: take it to task and volunteer! Spend Tuesdays finding a way to volunteer for a cause that moves you. There is growing infrastructure for connecting volunteers to causes in communities around the U.S., and the internet is an easy way to explore some of your options. Spend a little time to think about how you could make a difference -- with a skill you have, or an intention to help an organization doing work that you'd like to help advance.

You don't need to know construction to volunteer!

You don't need to know construction to volunteer!

There's an almost endless array of volunteer possibilities -- from Habitat for Humanity, and Project Homeless Connect, growing in cities around the nation, to the ASPCA and Girls on the Run, which helps girls develop self esteem and healthy lifestyles through running. If you belong to a faith community, you can ask about opportunities to volunteer with other members of your community -- which may even connect you to projects overseas.

Your help will be more impactful than you realize -- and you'll be answering a call to spend what is arguably your most precious resource -- your time -- on something greater than yourself.

I encourage readers to share their own ideas on where people can volunteer and how they can make a difference with their time.