08/24/2011 05:31 pm ET Updated Oct 24, 2011

Obama Considers Running for President of Libya Instead

Following the imminent overthrow of Colonel Muammar Gadaffi's 42-year regime, Barack Obama will form an exploratory committee to determine whether he will be better off abandoning his campaign to retain his current office and instead mounting a bid for the pending Libyan presidency.

Last week it was reported that the president may simply concede his bid for a second term, but now sources close to the president's re-election team say that most of his staff are on board with the decision to run in Libya instead. As justification for the move, staffers cited polls showing the president with a sub-40 approval rating in America versus over 80 in Libya.

"The president only spent a couple billion dollars on Libya throughout the course of this entire conflict and the Libyan people love him for it," said David Axelrod. "He spends almost a trillion dollars to prevent a second Great Depression and the American people call him a socialist. As Congressmen like Allen West know, it's easier for a politician to run in a district that is more favorable towards him than the one he actually lives in."

Another source close to the president cited Libya's comparatively friendly political environment. He claims that the rhetoric traded between Rebel and Gaddaffi forces pales in comparison to the brutal banter between Democrats and Republicans, and the ideological divide appears easier to bridge. Many political analysts also believe that the odds of uniting the dozens of clashing tribes in Libya behind a single unified government are substantially greater than getting the 12 members of the new Congressional Supercommittee to pass a proposal that both the House and Senate can agree on to reduce America's skyrocketing budget deficit.

As members of both the extreme and mainstream media weigh in, the response seems to be overwhelmingly positive. Glenn Beck hailed the move as a step in the right direction and said that he applauds the president for returning to his birthplace, while dozens of legitimate media outlets are just breathing a sigh of relief that they no longer need to come up with creative spellings of the former Libyan dictator's name.

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