09/02/2014 04:24 pm ET Updated Nov 02, 2014

The Bad News About Talent

When it comes to talent, we have good news and we have bad news. The good news is, you have talent. The bad news, so does everyone else. Every person is born with some kind of talent. Having talent in and of itself is not special.

What's special is the person who has the courage to see where their talent can take them. The most common thing in the world are very talented people, who are doing nothing with it. Becoming a great artist means making a serious commitment to develop your talent. Otherwise, it will sleep inside you forever.

The most successful people I know are successful, not just because of their talent, but because they worked harder at developing their talent than anyone else. So, make sure you take your raw talent for a workout every day. That's the only way it's going to get stronger.

Here are some exercises that you must do regularly, to develop and keep your talent growing:

1. Take dance classes. Move! Get in touch with your body. That is where your talent lives.
2. Take singing lessons. It doesn't matter how you sound you need to find your voice.
3. Create an artistic family. You will reach higher when you choose more positive people to you surround yourself with.
4. Enhance your five senses. That's how you experience life. You must become more sensitive today than you were yesterday to become a better artist.
5. You are what you study. Read books about all the things you want to achieve. You want to be successful, read books about success.
6. Check in on your emotions. Learn to deal with whatever is going on, and don't avoid it. Pain and anger will kill your career and your talent.
7. Go out and have fun. Laugh a lot. Happy people are more creative and achieve goals.
8. Go out into nature and understand life from a different perspective. Find some quiet time to listen and nurture your soul.
9. Talk to three people you don't know everyday. Open yourself up to a variety of personalities. Spend enough time with them, so you begin to see yourself in them.
10. Travel, experience life in a new way. You will become a more interesting person and artist.
11. Play a bigger role in the world. Give your love, energy and talent to a charity or a cause. Remember, the more you give the more you will get.
12. Leave your comfort zones. Take classes that inspire and scare you. That's the only way you will ever grow.

Everyday cheer for your talent. Talent needs to be acknowledged, it's like a baby, it needs a lot of attention. You will need to find the right teacher to fully develop and nourish your gifts. It's been said that "You should be ashamed to die with your song still left unsung." Remember - you're either getting better or bitter. So, don't waste any more time, your talent is waiting to be developed!