01/08/2015 11:00 am ET Updated Mar 10, 2015

Who Is Going to Win a Golden Globe?

First of all, I want to congratulate all the film makers and artists who produced a piece of work this year. Creating something great is an achievement on it's own.

Every year the Golden Globes is a precursor to the Academy Awards. So, it's important to see who is going to win. Actors want to win because they are then offered better roles, and their market value goes up. Studios also want to win because then people will go see their film, and they make more profits.

This has been a very strong year for men performances. So, let's start with the fact that I believe Eddie Redmayne is going to win for the Theory of Everything. His performance is flawless, and he disappears into the character. In my opinion, he had the most challenging role to play among the nominated actors. Know that not all roles are created equal. For women, there are not as many contenders for the coveted prize. I believe that Julianne Moore is definitely going to win the Globe for Still Alice. She is scary good. You truly feel what she is going through. I was uncomfortable just watching her go through her journey. Sometimes winning a prize has to do more with luck and promotion instead of talent, but never the less it's great to be recognized. I also feel that Michael Keaton is going to win Best Actor in a Comedy for Birdman. I felt that he lost his own ego and was willing to try anything just to stay alive. There is a rawness in his performance that is refreshing. In the Best Actress in a Comedy, I will go with Amy Adams, for Big Eyes. She brings depth and sensitivity to a lost soul. So beautifully played.

In the Best Film category, Boyhood seems to be ready to take it, and for Best Comedy film, I feel it's Birdman. I love this film industry because it brings people together from all around the world. It's fun to speak and argue who is going to win. As an acting teacher, what I perceive to be an amazing performance will be different from others. Know that you are a winner if you manage to make a film at all!

Watch this Sunday to see if I'm right.

Bernard teaches acting and success around the world.