10/23/2012 09:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

52 Reasons to Vote for Obama: #44, He Drives the Right Crazy

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C'mon folks, you know you love it... Obama drives the right crazy!

I'd thought I'd seen it all after working for Bill Clinton, who on the day of his impeachment by the House had the highest favorability rating of his presidency. But that was nothing.

2012-10-23-RunnningScared.jpgFor a while it was Hillary who, it seemed, just by her very presence could send the right wing screaming through the streets. Though she did win some Republican praise with her strong performance in the Senate, all that was forgotten when she began her race for the White House.

But as they say, be careful what you wish for, because as soon as Obama became competitive with Hillary, the right wing's collective head exploded.

Who was this guy, with the "radical, socialist agenda" and an uncanny ability to move millions just by opening his mouth? How dare he upset our plans to continue to amass great wealth for the very few and distribute the rest according to how we see fit? This is our mess, they cried. Don't come in here and try to fix it (you'll see how bad we really screwed it up!).

Health care, for everyone? You can't be serious! Opportunity for all, including immigrants? No way! More oversight and transparency on how we conduct our business? Outrageous! Clean energy? Aaaaahhhh!!! Quick, grab the garlic!!!

Sure, there's a very troubling dark side to some of this among an unfortunate minority. Yes, I'm talking about the racists, those ignorant, unfortunate individuals who object to Obama first and foremost because he is black. And I know they are out there, but I do believe, perhaps thanks to my better angels, that they represent a dwindling minority.

Calls for Obama's impeachment over health care, immigration, his birth certificate and Libya, among other reasons, abound. Of course, there are some bright spots amid all this craziness and hyperbole. The theater displayed on television and across the airwaves can be downright comical. The flustering, blustering, bloviating blowhards can make for really great comedy. One commentator, Rush Limbaugh, even pledged that he would move to Costa Rica if health reform passed. Maybe he was attracted by that country's socialized health care system, and its citizens having a life expectancy second only to Canada in the western hemisphere. Well, despite passage of the law, and the Supreme Court's constitutional validation, we (unfortunately) see no signs of his bags being packed.

Hey right-wing wing nuts, did you know that Obama is also tough on defense, cuts taxes for the middle class and supports charter schools?

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