12/04/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Election Night

I kneel before you America
To ask for your hand
You have taught me to pray
For X-ray vision and for all our souls

Months now waking in the dark
Fearful that the new day will not dawn
Waiting for your return
Listening for footsteps in the hall

I know the geography of you
All of your turns and twists and curves
And still less than any passerby
Who stops to ask you the way

Searching your faces in the crowd
I could study you for a lifetime
I see blue and gold against the fire
Against the red of blood and white of teeth

I sleep tossed in Technicolor
And wake inside your soul
I will need to grow larger
To hold your sorrows and your sweet secrets

You have asked me to listen
For two heartbeats
And for a thousand more
And I can ... if you will

Press your ear to my wall
Catch your breath in mine
You are a lump in my throat, and a drum
Beats loud and fast and hard

I ask God to let me love you
Each day and forever
I can forgive trespass and indifference
I am big enough to hold you

I pray for safe landings
For both sides and the center
That nightmare gives way to dream
That I can rest at last and wake in your embrace.