06/01/2015 01:43 pm ET Updated Jun 01, 2016

A Letter to Jennifer Garner

Dear Jen,

The buzz is atwitter with news of your possibly impending divorce. Come on, if Ben and Jen can't make it past the ten-year mark, is there hope for anyone else?

Traversing the breakup scenario is hard enough without the media frenzy and those three adorable kids. Take a deep breath, step up the yoga classes and surround yourself with real friends.

Tune out those who pepper conservations with "Honey, marriage is hard work." Those of us who've been there know we've tried just about everything we could before we reached this point.

No matter who wants out, divorce is sad. It's the loss of an expectation you'd still be together for your kids' dance recitals, school plays or sports, graduations. Remember no matter what the configuration, you're still a family. Create new traditions.

All of us single moms have a bit more downtime when the kids are with dad. Reach out to friends. Learn to love the silence. Create, relax, stay up till 1 am reading a book!

You aren't alone. Despite recent stats, about half of us end up on a divorce agreement. Find a support system of other moms who've been through the process. We're happy to meet for a glass of wine!

So, Jen, no matter what the outcome, take time to heal. Explain to your beautiful daughters in an age appropriate way. You two will always be connected through your children, who will never cease to amaze you.


All the Single Moms