08/23/2012 02:11 pm ET Updated Oct 23, 2012

PLAN ForYourArt: August 23-29

ForYourArt selects the best opportunities to SEECOLLECTLEARN ABOUT, and SUPPORT art each week.


Kenneth Tam: Two and a Half Hands and Max Maslansky: Painting
Pauline (Mt. Washington)
7 p.m.
Opening reception for two shows. Kenneth Tam's Two and a Half Hands will feature a series of photographs. Max Maslansky's Painting will feature a series of works by the Los Angeles-based artist. Both shows on view through September 9, 2012.


Slangfest 2
LA><ART (Culver City)
11 a.m.
The second annual Slangfest is a daylong festival of art workshops, music, and performances. The family-friendly event features a lineup including break-dancing and live bands. At noon, Scott Benzel and Mark Hagen will fit a wrecked car with a custom pyramidal bass cabinet and play a mix of of sampled music and live composition as a tribute to Mike Kelley.

Shepard Fairey: Americana
Perry Rubenstein Gallery (Hollywood)
7 p.m.
Opening reception for a collection of 11 new prints by artist Shepard Fairey created in collaboration with Neil Young. The works are based on Americana, Young's most recent album with Crazy Horse.


KChung Summer Bash
1526 Fishburn Ave. (Lincoln Park)
2 p.m.
Presented by KChung Radio, this party features musical performances by Pangea, Crazy Band, Corey Fogel, Gun Outfit, Keychains, Lucky Dragons and DJ sets by Love Foxxx and DJ Hollywood Nites. All proceeds from this event benefit KChung radio. Waterworks by Guru Rugu, Miggie Wong, and the KCHUNG DWP. There will also be a raffle. Admission is $7.

Center for the Arts (Eagle Rock)
2 p.m.
Presented by SASSAS, this SoundShoppe session features a reel-to-reel tape workshop with guest Joseph Hammer. This free event is part of SASSAS' monthly series of sound workshops and jams for experimental musicians and sound artists. Attendees must provide their own audio equipment.