07/11/2013 05:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

SERIOUSLY GO: Galleries Heat Up Los Angeles

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The weather is hot and there's a lot of art to see this week in Los Angeles. Here's some of what's going on Saturday in Culver City. For a full list, check

SATURDAY, JULY 13: Culver City Roundup

Openings in Culver City this evening include My Barbarian at Susanne Vielmetter Projects Los Angeles from 7-9pm, with performances of My Barbarian's adaptation of The Mother by Bertolt Brecht at 3 and 6pm. "We've found that if you tell [your audience] what the rules of the game are, then they can play along. The result is sort of like court entertainment, only we don't have a king." -Alexandro Segade in LA Weekly

An opening for the group show of artists working with clay for more than 40 years: Grapevine happens at David Kordansky Gallery from 6-9pm. Curated by Ricky Swallow, Grapevine features works by Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, Michael Frimkess, John Mason, Ron Nagle, and Peter Shire.

Susan Silton's Who's in a Name? opens at LAXART from 4-6pm. Queens Nails is Dead also opens at LAXART from 8-11pm. Robert Russell: Men Who are Named Robert Russell opens at Francois Ghebaly Gallery from 6-9pm. Ed Fornieles: Despicable Me 2 opens at Mihai Nicodim Gallery from 6-9pm. Fever Dreams opens at Koplin Del Rio from 5-7pm, and Grey Matter opens Maxwell Alexander Gallery, from 7-10pm. In Santa Monica, The Book Shop: Artworks as Books, Books as Artworks opens at Rosamund Felsen Gallery from 5-7pm.

My Barbarian: "Universal Declaration of Infantile Anxiety Situations Reflected in the Creative Impulse ", courtesy of the artists and Susanne Vielmetter Projects Los Angeles