11/16/2012 09:30 am ET Updated Jan 12, 2013

Here's How Big Data and Social Media Will Change Social Movements

What if we could really achieve repeatable and scalable results in terms of widespread global development, entrepreneurship, mitigating poverty, and harnessing nature's power, by unlocking the big data of the NGO-big charity-donor-recipient ecosystem, using social and mobile to target and mobilize, and then storing it all in the cloud?

Think of all the high potential projects that would emerge. Think of how much better #Sandy relief could be playing out now.

I'm watching Bono give his speech on Social Enterprise and Social Movements at Georgetown University talking about transforming economic aid and disease and poverty through entrepreneurship, youth, mobile technology, mobile banking and more. "The Largeness of Spirit," says Bono.

Much greater rhetoric than the ending (and hangover for some) of the 2012 U.S. elections, that's for sure. The best thing about the elections from a social media perspective was the masterful use of big data combined with social targeting and incentivization that absolutely produced results.

Take heed, brands, agencies, and media firms in the commercial world. It works and it works good, so get busy on behalf of your clients.

I believe this power to uncover the trends and insights that can radically change the way results are delivered should now be focused on the big data locked within this huge ecosystem of NGOs, large charities, their donors and their recipients to make significant social change.

Combined with the newly emerging Global Citizen, we'll see a huge rebirth of 'doing good and doing well' in the world. In my Global Marketing classes we discuss the new Global Citizen concept at great length. Social media is the rocket fuel for the connected global citizen. Big data may hold the key to changing the delivery model for measurable and real-time social good.

Interesting that we just saw the Global Citizen concert come to NYC in late September. Music has always been a global connector and a universal language. Music SHARED is the social media element.

In fact, it is that sharing and passing it around feature that makes media social. It is also in sharing that transparency and authenticity helps spur innovation and forces accountability. Yes, these are much over-used terms in social media marketing, but relatively new in social movements and social enterprise.

I, for one, am greatly encouraged about our collective future and the role of big data and social media is amplifying change and growth. I've written much about this playing out within the enterprise.

I'm inspired to think about a new collection of collaborators from technical, organizational, design, and entrepreneurial disciplines using big data and social media to connect global citizens and truly initiate change the world. Largeness of Spirit, indeed.