08/07/2012 10:24 am ET Updated Oct 07, 2012

International Intentions of Detroit

The question should not be what a state elected official can do for Detroit, but what Detroit can do for the rest of the world.

My intentions are to market Detroit to the world. In order to accomplish this task, we must come together to inspire individuals and communities to be their own job creators. Innovation demands resources and resources demand innovation.

The role of the elected official is in dire need of innovation in order to identify and deliver custom designed resources to create the tools to improve our quality of life. While we know jobs will eventually come to our region, we can no longer sit and wait for its pending arrival. We must create our own jobs.

As an elected official, there exists the obligation to be a conduit for advice and resources to encourage the creation of entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises and small businesses. This same opportunity must be extended to the cities of Detroit and its ensconced enclave of Hamtramck, to stimulate innovative bonds with the business communities to generate the optimal benefits of social impact.

I would be remiss not to emphasize that our non-profits are major innovators and are important members of the Detroit business communities.

Promoting the community productivity of entrepreneurs and small businesses on an international platform opens up new markets for exportation of our goods and services, inclusive of Detroit's rich musical and artistic legacies. The elected official must market this message through its passionate creativity.

The focus is not to be exclusive to international exportation of Detroit goods and services, as we must import investment. Detroit possesses a transportation infrastructure of railways, freeways and waterways, with long-term plans in place to improve bus service, expand green bike pathways, reutilize Detroit City Airport and open access to the Internet, which becomes the selling point to bring back manufacturing and families.

The elected official can only successfully execute the task of international marketing Detroit only if the priority of investing in the best interests of the children in order to generate a productive citizen. For this matter immediate focus must be placed on transforming how and why we educate our children through the obviation of innovative policies.

Detroit has world renown research and development institutions of art, culture, science and technology; therefore, representative leadership must enjoin with the community to guarantee our children will have the opportunity to carry on the work of these institutional legacies.

The time has come to offer the world Detroit's cultural heterogeneity, showcasing our amalgamated spirits in economic diversity. Businesses, families and tourists will come if we market our progress in improving the quality of life in Detroit. This can be the global model of rebirth that can be transposed for other cities to rebuild.

Whether I am elected or not this is what I intend to do for Detroit.