04/29/2014 05:20 pm ET Updated Jun 27, 2014

Connection, Mission, Game: Your Best Friends

Achievement in life seems to be the driving force in our lives that pushes us over the edge into "Stress-ville." This can happen in all categories of life, including our professional lives. Achieving the perfect body, raising the perfect child or creating your dream home can put us all in a state of panic, stress and tiredness. Our expectation was happiness, our result was ill at ease with our self.

As a Director of the Global Women Entrepreneur Network and attendee of the last conference in Spain in 2013, I discovered the three key ingredients to maintaining pleasure, not pressure, in my life. It began with a desire to do my book tour in Germany for my new book HAIR NOW and to create clients for service, retail and wholesale products.

At GWEN, connections showed up first, and my first colleague, Annette, and I created a workshop in Cologne called Pretty Business Woman -- a transformative weekend involving spiritual and physical aspects of being. We created the game, intended our enrollment and set deadlines, but the game was like a baseball game where there is no score, some walks, some base runs but no home runs.

What was missing? The chance to share or contribute to mankind for the higher good. This is when I decided to go back to my GWEN friends because I realized what was missing was sharing, giving back and a mission that is bigger than my business. GWEN is searching for women who want to live their feminine path and achieve financial freedom. Living in the third metric is normal for women who live by embracing their femininity.

Supporting that mission has brought more excitement, more cities and more players to the game. We will expand the awareness of the GWEN Conference in Hamburg, Germany in August 2014, introduce more women to our Global Network and demonstrate what GWEN is all about to the women of the world.

So more women get connected, GWEN gets enrollment and I get to karaoke, share my book and my story with all the women in Germany. A win-win for all.

And we got the home run.