03/31/2014 04:17 pm ET Updated May 30, 2014

Learning to Thrive as a Lifestyle D-Stressor

Now that Arianna has released her book and created the Third Metric...THRIVING is all the rage. It has always been a rage for me as I reached my breaking point in 2003 with dis-ease considerations.

What has been such a savior and a way to alleviate stress has been my coaching and lifestyle training. I always looked forward to attending the workshops for weekends, even a month at a time. It took me a few days to detox from my lifestyle as I entered these workshops and I always came out with a younger, more relaxed look. Education and training always relaxed me and inspired me. It has been one of my keys to being more energetic and vital than most people.

It can be business, spiritual, systems theory or learning how to sing. All of these learning endeavors have always brought more energy and happiness. It brings a state of curiosity, the wonder of youth where we know nothing, yet we are so alive. As humans we are expected to know what we are doing, being and having. Remember answering that question of what are you going to be when you grow up and being scolded for not knowing. I am saying it is the not knowing that can be our highest state of being and wonderment.

So if you want to operate in the third metric... start looking for what you want and if you don't know, it's OK. Just keep looking and let others give you feedback, you really don't see your own brilliance. Others do!