09/04/2010 11:49 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Janet Jackson, Hanging 'Fruits', & the Christianity Problem

While I took off mid-week to DC for contributor Phil Reese's birthday party and to see our new apartment, the LGBT news and opinion continued to flow out of gender-bender.jpgBilerico Project. Here's the best posts from this week in case you missed any of them:


How we should be treating Ken Mehlman Filed by: Austen Crowder

Adore: To Regard with the Utmost Esteem, Love, and Respect Filed by: Sara Whitman


My Christianity Problem Filed by: Diane Silver

Is OutServe creating a grassroots organizing model we can copy? Filed by: Phil Reese


Why Can't I Tell My Ex to F-Off ? Filed by: Michele O'Mara

How Janet Jackson Can Save the Democratic Party Filed by: Bil Browning


Why The TBLG Community Can't Sit Out The 2010 Midterms Filed by: Monica Roberts

Gay, Muslim, roll-back, and demonization Filed by: Alex Blaze


Parallels Between Priestly Celibacy and Afghanistan's "Dancing Boy" Filed by: Michael Hamar

HO-MO-HUM Filed by: Kate Clinton


Montana Tea Party Advocates "Hanging Fruits" Filed by: D Gregory Smith

Queer music Friday: Interview with Natalia Zukerman Filed by: Leone Kraus

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