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Climate Change Chatter, Issue 6

A continuing series on what folks in the public sphere have said about climate change mostly over the past week.

On Thursday March 7, Sally Jewell, the president and chief executive officer of Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI), appeared before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee at her confirmation hearing for secretary of the Interior Department. Here's a look at Jewell's thoughts on climate and related issues as presented both at the hearing and in other public statements, and more.

(Note: Rough time marks following Jewell's remarks from her testimony indicate where they occur in the video of the hearing, which appears at the end of the post. All quotes are from the hearing except where otherwise indicated.)
There is no question in my mind that [climate change] is real and that the scientific evidence is there to back it up.


--Sally Jewell [~ 2:22:45]
"The president has made it clear that climate change is an important issue for our nation.


--Jewell [~ 36:53]
I know tax is a dirty word, but if we were paying a carbon tax that accounted for our impact on greenhouse gases, that would in fact change our consumption.


--Jewell in an interview from October 2008
A carbon tax is not something that would come before me. ... The president has made it clear that he is not pursuing an approach to ... at this point a carbon tax.


--Jewell [~ 1:01:08]
I have a commitment to the president's all-of-the-above energy strategy.


--Jewell [~ 35:25]
We are blessed with many resources on federal lands and certainly leaning into gas and oil production is an important part of the mission of particularly the Bureau of Land Management but also the Department of the Interior.


--Jewell [~ 46:02]
What's most important as we explore these [offshore] resources ... is to do so in a safe and responsible way ... to continue to keep the Alaska pipeline full."


--Jewell, at hearing in response to request for her views on offshore development in the Arctic outer continental shelf [~ 2:43:52]
It's been a while since I fracked a well. It was, I think, 1979. ... I believe that there are ways ... to come up with safe ... ways to develop these vast resources.


--Jewell [~ 40:29]
We look forward to working closely with [Jewell] ... protecting America's Arctic from risky drilling, and keeping dirty and dangerous fracking out of our public lands.


--Michael Brune, executive director of Sierra Club, on Obama's choice for Jewell as Interior Department secretary

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