06/14/2014 12:42 pm ET Updated Aug 15, 2014

Splish Splash!

This recent video is of a horse by the then name Huey -- for Baby Huey -- brought back great memories of my kids and of simpler times. For me, it is somewhat of a living scrapbook this Father's Day. Baby Huey was a gigantic duckling cartoon character -- so his nickname is somewhat metaphoric.

I would toss my kids up on the larger than life horse with their little chubby legs sticking straight out across its wide back. Huey, who had his own celebrity status among kids, enjoyed peppermints, water from the hose, and an occasional swig of Coca-Cola.

Eight years ago, when I had a benign tumor removed from my spine, it required me giving up my very best four-legged pal. This guy required special placement and since has had a home with Emily Ristau who shot this video.

Now in his 20s, he is enjoying retirement in his Virginia home. You will see in this video he still has a great sense of humor, enjoys swimming and blowing bubbles.