11/27/2010 02:06 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

PHOTOS: Mega Climate Art From Around the World

These pictures come from EARTH -- what the newspapers are calling 'the largest group show in the planet's history,' or 'the first art show visible from outer space,' or just 'big art.'

We needed satellites and airplanes to capture these images -- special thanks to our friends at DigitalGlobe, who have donated the services of their bird orbiting at 435 miles above the equator.

But we also need tens of thousands of volunteers on the ground. Some were well-known artists, who thought up these images; far more were people who wanted to send a message to the rest of the planet. That message is pretty simple: climate change is already doing damage: raising the sea, spreading the desert, melting the ice. But it goes beyond that. People are also saying: we know what to do about it, from building windmills to installing solar panels.

In many of the images you'll see the number 350 -- a potent sign of the newfound collaboration between artists and scientists. Just three years ago a NASA team was the first to set 350 parts per million co2 as the maximum safe amount in the atmosphere -- a level we've already gone past. There's no bigger crisis the planet has ever faced, so it makes sense that there's never been bigger art to make the case.

Find out more about the 350 EARTH project and get involved here.