02/23/2006 09:53 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Civil War in Iraq

It's no surprise that Iraq's on the verge of civil war.

The only surprise is: it's happening sooner, rather than later.

We all knew it was only a matter of time.

Iraq was never one nation. It was always three nations - Kurdish, Sunni, and Shiite - forced together and held together only by the heavy hand of Saddam Hussein. Much like the former Yugoslavia was held together only by the iron rule of Tito.

Once Tito was gone, Yugoslavia fell apart - with Croats, Serbs, and Bosnians going their separate ways.

Just like, once Saddam Hussein was gone, it was bound to happen that Kurds, Shiites, and Sunnis would go their separate ways and form three independent countries: Shiites in the south, Sunnis in the middle, and Kurds in the north.

The only question used to be: Would it happen before the United States pulled out? Or soon after?

Now we know. It's going to happen, whether we're there or not. And sooner we think.

Which raises a new question: Now that we know that the inevitable outcome of the war in Iraq is a Shiite country, a Sunni country, and a Kurdish country - What's the point of staying in Iraq any longer?

Clearly, there is none. We shouldn't waste one more day trying to hold together something that's already splitting in three, anyway. We might as well bring all our troops home now - before they get caught in the crossfire of Iraq's civil war.

One thing for sure. This makes the war in Iraq look all the more unnecessary and unwise.

Helping Iraq break up into three separate countries was not worth sending our sons and daughters to die for.