06/06/2006 09:37 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot

This is a test.

First, look at the world around us today.

Even though President Bush says we're making progress, the situation in Iraq gets worse every day. May was the bloodiest month since the invasion.

Next door, Iran has resumed its nuclear production program and could soon have a nuclear bomb.

Gas prices are the highest ever. So high, millions of Americans had to cancel their planned summer family vacation.

12 million illegal aliens are already in this country - and thousands more pour across the border every day.

Canada just broke up a homegrown terrorist plot that could have been aimed at the United States. Our northern border may be even more porous than our southern.

Global warming threatens to destroy our croplands, our wetlands, our beach resorts and huge parts of coastal cities.

The government is spending more money, and piling up more debt, than any time in history.

And what's President Bush's number one priority? A whacky proposal to ban same-sex marriage. Which will never pass, and never should.

Whether you're for gay marriage or against it, you gotta admit: there are more important issues the President should be spending his time on.

Let the history books show: When this nation was losing the war in Iraq, George Bush was all tied up trying to stop Susie and Jane from getting married.

And that's why history books will show: George Bush is our worst president - ever!