04/18/2011 12:11 pm ET Updated Jun 18, 2011

Five Great Thrillers

Here are a couple of the best thrillers I have read recently -- some new, some familiar authors. Enjoy!

Three Seconds, Roslund & Hellstrom. (2011). Best thriller I have read in a long time. A ruthless international drug syndicate. An ex-con working deep inside the gang as a secret informer for Swedish police. Despite a slow start and the challenge of keeping track of Swedish names, this quickly turns into a roaring good read. Named Swedish Crime Novel of the Year in 2009. Looking for more from these authors.

The Informationist, Taylor Stevens. (2011). New writer offers us a compelling new action heroine -- Vanessa Michael Munroe. Hyper-talented investigator searching for answers to a disappearance in Africa; she is brilliantly insightful and lethally talented as well. Comparable to Lisbeth Salander. Wonderful read.

The Nearest Exit
, Oleg Steinhauer. (2010). Former CIA agent, Milo Weaver, just released from prison, is recruited back to work in the undercover world of double and triple realities where friends are enemies, enemies are enemies, and real relationships with family are as elusive as the truths told by friends and enemies alike. Stephen King calls it "the best spy novel I've ever read that wasn't written by John le Carre." Top notch.

Worth Dying For, Lee Child. (2010). Jack Reacher, the Lone Ranger of redemptive violence, is again on his own, this time in Nebraska, minding his own business. He is abruptly pulled into a confrontation with a rural mob after helping a maiden in distress. Despite his reluctance, he must exercise swift one-man justice to help powerless locals solve an old murder of a child. Excellent read, as we have come to expect from Lee Child.

Our Kind of Traitor, John le Carre. (2010). The master of anguished cerebral spy thrillers, le Carre turns to Russian mafia. The slow start is overcome by a tight plot involving international money laundering, British secret service, vulture capitalists and several good characters.