02/06/2013 07:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Convent or Bathhouse? Fort Lauderdale's Gay Resorts

Back when gays weren't so welcome at mainstream hotels, gay resorts like the Marlin Beach in Fort Lauderdale gave us a place where we could let it all hang out, figuratively, and sometimes literally. Today Fort Lauderdale is home to 19 gay resorts, all with varying degrees of "sexual temperature." None of them is actually a convent (although you can sleep in a convent here or here), but some of them might as well be bathhouses, with sling-equipped rooms and signs like "no butt play in the hot tub."

The editorial team at ManAboutWorld spent two days in December inspecting all 19 of Fort Lauderdale's gay resorts. The results are plotted below, with "Palm Ratings" of quality charted against "Flame Ratings" of sexual temperature:


(Click on the chart to enlarge it.)

In choosing a gay resort, the "sexual temperature" is as important as the quality of accommodations, maybe even more important, so ManAboutWorld continues the Out & About tradition of rating gay resorts according to both "sexual temperature" and room quality. We saw all sorts of things that might make you squeal with delight. Or horror. Or both. Let's face it: Not many guys at the fisting party are going to care about the thread count of the sheets, but if you do, you might want to choose a resort in the upper-right quadrant of the chart.

The full report, along with ManAboutWorld's insider's guide to Fort Lauderdale's restaurants, clubs, gyms, stores, bars, museums, sex clubs and gardens, is in the January/February issue of ManAboutWorld Magazine. If you're not a subscriber, you can download the issue as part of a free trial subscription on the AppStore, or you can become a ManAboutWorld member for free and download an old-school PDF of the full guesthouse reviews and ratings.