Everything But The Groom

I have to admit it, but I am pro pre-engagement pinning.
02/13/2013 01:02 am ET Updated Apr 14, 2013

I hate to admit it, but I am pro pre-engagement pinning. Just as I am pro engagement pinning. Seriously, as a wedding planner, I can't think of anything better than a prepared bride; one who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to make a decision. I love those brideys! I love them because working with a bride who has no idea what she wants can be absolute torture! It means more hours discussing every possible wedding scenario, linen texture or color, flower and dress designer. It means going over and over the same stuff eight different ways until a choice is finally made. But, if a bride has a point of reference, such as a few wedding boards on Pinterest, then I get to see what makes her tick without having to guess. It puts me (and every other wedding planner) in a fantastic position to steer our clients to the right vendors, venues and dᅢᄅcor.

But, here's the thing... Shouldn't every girl be able to live the dream? Shouldn't we all be able to pin to our "some day" wedding boards on Pinterest even if the groom hasn't made his way into our lives yet? I mean I was never one of those girls who at five years old dreamt about her wedding day, but several women I know were, so why should they have to wait for the groom to dream a little dream?

I mean the wedding industry has completely exploded, and now bride-to-be or not, women are totally inundated with everything wedding all the time! Not to mention that most are at the age where they go to a wedding almost every weekend, have to continuously ooh and ahh over the blingy engagement rings their friends are sporting, attend bachelorette parties, showers, etc. etc., and then... Well, then they go home and pin some lovely eye candy (or helpful wedding planning guides) onto their wedding boards for their wedding that will take place "some day". And what's wrong with that?

Seriously, as a wedding planner who eloped because I didn't want to plan my wedding, I do the same thing! I mean, I have the dude, but it doesn't stop me from pinning wedding-related imagery on my Pinterest boards obsessively. And I tell myself that it's thought provoking, helpful, relaxing and that because I am a wedding planner, it's important for me to stay current, blah blah blah.... But as we all know, I am completely lying to myself. It's not because I'm a wedding planner, it's because it's so damn addicting and there's so much to take in. All of the pictures are so beautiful. It actually makes me want to have a real wedding (uh-oh... I hope my dad doesn't read this one!).

Frankly, if I was still out there dating with the hopes of getting married "some day", I'd be pretty depressed! Because, now I get it... I finally understand the girls who dreamt about planning their weddings from the time they were young. Pinterest has made me see the dream... And who says you need a groom to dream? It's a dream! Right?

So, you know what "some day" brideys? I say go for it! Pin away! Live the dream! Live your dream! Your wedding boards will only prove to be a helpful tool when your wedding day finally arrives (ahem... provided you have a healthy budget for all of those bells and whistles...). But, future bridey... A word to the wise? Don't marry the wrong guy for the right wedding! Don't let all of your beautiful plans and pins go to waste because you didn't wait for the right one...

And when "some day" finally comes? Don't forget that your wedding should be about the two of you, and in a similar fashion to marriage, odds are you will have to make a few compromises, factor in his opinions, and listen to what he wants, but... we all know that it begins with the bride, so keep your dream alive! Pin on baby, pin on!

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