11/22/2012 02:14 am ET Updated Jan 21, 2013

You Have What You Have. Be Thankful.

Happy week of Thanksgiving brideys! Hopefully all of you are taking advantage of some time off to focus on your families, stuffing your face with some delicious turkey and pumpkin pie, and of course thinking about everything you are thankful and grateful for in your lives. For instance, I bet you are super grateful to have a break from work, the daily grind and obviously, your wedding planning. Because all of that combined can certainly be a bitch.

And you know what? We all need a break now and then. And getting doped up on tryptophan and some chewy red wine is always a nice way to go. And after stuffing myself full of all of the traditional Thanksgivingy food, I usually drag my useless ass over to the beckoning couch, hung over from the deliciousness of all of the food and booze and as I lay there, I begin thinking about how I am grateful to get away from it all... even if it is for just a short time. Actually, the other day I wrote about all of the things that I, Bitchless Bride, was thankful and grateful for (some were a bit goofy and off cuff (imagine that!), and some were completely heartfelt), and it got me thinking... What are you, bridey, thankful and grateful for? If you find yourself stumped, please allow me to give you a few ideas:

1. Bridey, be thankful that you found "the one". I know several awesome single girls who would love to marry your man. Seriously, I have no idea how these babes stay single. So, be grateful you have somebody to share Thanksgiving with, but even more grateful that you have somebody to share your life with. Not everybody is lucky enough to find the love that you have.

2. Your bridesmaids... Be grateful for them! Trust me, if you've chosen wisely, then these babes have your back! I know that several of you will get to the point where even the most patient of grooms will be completely over hearing about another "stupid wedding" something, and your bridesmaids are there to listen when your groom won't be! So appreciate them and be thankful you have such lovely girls to keep you company at the altar.

3. Don't forget about your wedding guests. They are choosing to spend the day celebrating you and your marriage. And depending on where and when you are getting married, it could be costing them a bloody fortune. And the worst part? They still have to get you a gift. So, be thankful to them for supporting you, but also don't forget to thank them for coming. It will go a long way.

4. I know that the mother-of-the-bride often gets the shaft, but based on my experience, the bride is usually extremely grateful to have her mom by her side during the planning process. And sometimes that means fighting it out and sifting through the bullshit to get through it, but more often it means support from a fabulous woman who knows you better than you may know yourself. So love her. Appreciate her. And listen to her (some of the time). Because sadly, some of my brides don't have that luxury.

5. Bridey, I've seen and heard too much... There are too many horrible, and horribly sad stories out there about an ill fiancé, so be grateful and thankful that you both have your health. And don't use your marriage as an excuse to fall out of being healthy. Be healthy together so that you are around for each other in the future.

Well, there you have it. Thankful and grateful, brideys... thankful and grateful. Remember, it's more than just a wedding. Take some time to think about how lucky you are to have what you have. Got it?

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