01/24/2013 11:04 am ET Updated Mar 26, 2013

Golden Globes Red Carpet Wins and My Predictions for the Oscars (PHOTOS)

Award shows are the "Hunger Games" of the 21st century: there can only be one winner (in each category), competitors are thrust under the spotlight of public scrutiny, and, most importantly, fashion is key if you want to make a big impression. While The "Hunger Games" feature a little more blood, sweat, and tears, the red carpets of some of entertainment's biggest nights is a lot like the Tribute Parade.

Not long ago, we marveled as some of Young Hollywood's best and brightest worked it on the Golden Globes red carpet. Although no one was literally on fire, à la Katniss Everdeen, the fashion was definitely white hot. Here are some of my favorites of the night and my predictions for what you can expect at February's upcoming ceremonies, such as the Academy Awards and the Grammys.

Honorable mentions go out to Emily Blunt, Marion Cotillard, Zooey Deschanel, Nicole Richie, Kerry Washington and Robert Pattinson, who all showed unique, modern, and sophisticated style at the awards.

For upcoming events, expect the deep V-cut that Allison Williams worked, as well as pops of red, like Jennifer Lawrence. Also, the ever-popular up-the-leg cut, perfected by Lea Michele, will most definitely be seen again -- maybe even at this weekends' SAG Awards. Until then, watching all of the Oscar-nominated Best Films is a great way to prepare for the more "educated side" of the awards. Consider it like when the Tributes are scored before the games!

Good luck to all the nominees, and may the odds be ever in their favor!

Golden Globes Fashion WINS