10/29/2012 01:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The MAGICAL PATH: Creating the Life of Your Dreams and a World That Works for All

THE MAGICAL PATH: Creating the Life of Your Dreams and a World That Works for All might well have been titled, "Marc Allen Teaches You Everything He Has Learned in His Entire Life About How to Make Your Dreams Come True While Everyone Else in the World Is Making Their Dreams Come True, Too. He speaks with authority because he's done just that -- he's created the life of his dreams.

A self-described lazy, disorganized guy, Marc lives an amazing life of writing and publishing books as well as writing, performing, and publishing music. He lives in a wonderful house in a great community; his personal life is enriched by loving family and close friends; he sleeps late in the morning and spends less only 20-30 hours a week at the office; and he does his best work (visualizing and creating) in his favorite position -- flat on his back. All that, AND he's a millionaire. So when Marc speaks -- or writes a book -- people pay attention.

Reading The Magical Path reminded me of a quote from Elizabeth Gilbert: "To sit patiently with a yearning that has not yet been fulfilled, and to trust that, that fulfillment will come, is quote possibly one of the most powerful 'magic skills' that human beings are capable of." Marc Allen would concur. His book captures perfectly the deliciousness of creation, anticipation, and manifestation.

I especially like the chapter on "Time and Money and the Core Belief Process." Most people spend much of their time chasing money -- never feeling like they have enough of either. We do all sorts of things to try to get more money: repeating affirmations, setting goals, reading myriad self-help books by financial gurus, attending workshops on prosperity and abundance, making vision boards, and all the rest. And yet money still eludes us. What's the deal with that?

Marc Allen explains: The problem is that what we SAY we want and what we BELIEVE we can have are in conflict. That is, our wishes and our beliefs contradict each other. We say we want more money but deep down inside we don't really believe we can have it. It doesn't matter the reason for this belief -- childhood programming, low self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness or being undeserving... whatever. Beliefs are powerful. We get what we believe. We see what we believe. We create what we believe. And Marc Allen tells us that if we're not manifesting the financial abundance we want, there is probably a deep-seated belief -- or several beliefs -- getting in our way.

To remedy this problem, he outlines a simple "Core Belief Process" for getting in touch with your beliefs, pinpointing the ones that are interfering with your life, and changing them to new beliefs that support your dreams and desires. This and many other simple, practical tools in The Magical Path make it the perfect book for those who seek success based on spiritual principles.

Marc Allen believes that our real work in life is inner-work -- spiritual growth, emotional development, psychological maturation -- and that our outer lives mirror our inner lives. He rightly points out that success is an inside job -- as is happiness. If you want to change your life, look inside yourself and do the work that needs to be done. Don't spend all your time trying to change outer circumstances -- change your inner circumstances -- then everything in your outer life will fall into place.

I loved The Magical Path Read it and reap... great results!


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