01/04/2012 08:17 am ET Updated Mar 05, 2012

Where To Break Your New Year's Resolutions (PHOTOS)

It's that time of year when, driven by our facetious resolutions, we fill our lives with green vegetables, exercise DVDs, "learn a language" books, detox guides and frugality. It is a lovely time of year if you are naive enough to believe you'll follow through on all your promises, a month spent looking forward to a thinner, healthier, richer, French-speaking you.

Here at Black Tomato, we're already looking back weerily at our January selves, if only we'd known we'd break our resolutions so soon, we'd have done it spectacularly. Take a look our suggestions for the best ways to break those New Year's promises.

The Best Places to Break your New Year's Resolutions