01/24/2012 01:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Educating Others on Queer Identity

The video below is about bullying. It's not a very recent video, but one that I want to put out there nonetheless because I think it is an important subject. I was bullied badly in school because I was so different, and I don't think a lot of the teachers or parents of the kids in my school had an idea of just how bad it was. There are a lot of schools worse than mine, and despite great efforts, bullying still happens, which is why kids need to be taught early on that it's not OK.

I'm a transgender male trying to spread education about queer-identified people. I've made an effort to inform myself not just about people from the transgender community but about other queer-identified people. Not many gay people understand transgender people, and vice versa. The same goes for other members of the queer community. And there are so many people in the world who don't understand anything about queer-identified people. I'm not out to educate the entire world, because I don't think that's possible, for various reasons, one being that not everyone is going to be willing to listen to my message. But if I can help some people understand the things that they don't, I think I've made a difference.

A few months ago, I started a video channel on YouTube to start teaching people about the queer community and also to document my own transition with testosterone therapy. As I expected, I got some negative feedback. However, most of the feedback was good. I have been surprised by the amount of people who are supporting me and watching my videos. I've even had a few people tell me they completely changed their perception of what it means to be transgender.

It's strange that some people on the Internet have referred to me as an icon or mentor for transgender youth. I have never considered myself to be much of a leader -- or a follower. I've always been the kid who sits in the corner and watches. But since I seem to be making an impact, I'm willing to step up to the plate and put myself out there for the sake of other people like me who have a hard time fitting in. A lot of people are excited for me, but I still have to remind them that it's not about me. It's about educating people.

I hope you follow me and hopefully walk away with something you didn't know before. I have a hard goal, and I can't do it alone, so please help me make a difference in what people know about queer-identified people. Be sure to check out my YouTube channel and watch my other videos.

We are the rainbow!