01/17/2017 01:25 pm ET Updated Jan 07, 2018

7 Beautiful Valentine's Day Flowers That Aren't Red Roses

Written by Lilli Black, florist on BloomNation and owner of Bella Calla in Denver, CO

Every florist in America is prepping for the Valentine's Day rose-pocalypse. While we absolutely love a good red rose, there are so many other options to wow your sweetheart for Valentine's Day. We have searched the cooler for you and found seven awesome rose alternatives:


Peony arrangement with snapdragons, bells of Ireland and mixed floral

Peonies - These flowers are universally loved for their soft, romantic, and lush appearance. They smell beautiful, and are guaranteed to make your sweetie's week! Peonies come in lovely shades of pink, coral, dark red, and snow white! Given their popularity, you can almost always find them on Valentine's Day, and florists create some amazing arrangements with them.


Snapdragon and rose arrangement

Snapdragons - These spunky blooms are full of fun... they are tall and add a wildflower-like element to arrangements. Better yet, they come in every color of the rainbow-- yellows, purples, pinks, reds, whites, oranges and (one of our personal favorites) sunset. Snapdragons add texture to arrangements, and will also look great next to roses, if you're looking to double up on blooms.


Gerbera daisies, tropical blooms, and bells of Ireland

Gerbera Daisies - The quintessential happy flower. They make people smile every time! Gerbera daisies come in bright, fun colors as well as soft pastel shades. There are red, yellow, orange, peach, shades of pink and beautiful white ones. These flowers mimic the sun, and convey warmth, compassion, and an upcoming season filled with love!


Heliconia and pincushion arrangement

Tropicals - Tropical flowers are amazingly long lasting, and bring a bright modern feel to your Valentine's home for more than a week! Heliconia, ginger, and birds of paradise are just a few examples of these colorful blooms. Check out all of Bella Calla's tropical arrangements for inspiration on our website.


Ranunculus, tulips, and ornamental kale bouquet

Ranunculus - Soft, delicate, tissue-like ranunculus are about as romantic as they come. These blooms are available in yellow, white, bright and soft pink, purple, red and orange. Ranunculus can add a soft touch to an arrangement.


Tulips in a moon vase

Tulips - Tulips are the quintessential spring bloom - everyone feels spring arrive when they pop their heads up through the snow! They symbolize fresh starts and new beginnings. They come in every color imaginable, and have spunky personalities as well! Tulips are great in modern arrangements or as an addition to something soft and romantic.


Succulents in a terrarium

Succulents - Your Valentine's day gift isn't limited to flowers! Send them something that will last all year long - a succulent terrarium! These are great additions to someone's desk or coffee table, and are a great reminder of how much you love them every day when they look at the cute plants. There are many options, like succulents in pots, or succulents in glass globes, but we love the geometric terrarium featured above!

You can choose to go the red rose route... but your Valentine has seen them before. Find something new! Something different! Give those peonies or a succulent terrarium a shot - you'll thank yourself and so will your Valentine!