03/04/2013 12:09 pm ET Updated May 04, 2013

A Conversation With Designer Alexandra Von Furstenberg


Alexandra Von Furstenberg has made waves in the design scene with her modern take on acrylic home decor and furniture. Her designs, often injected with a sliver of fluorescent color, are a fresh and contemporary take on a material that we've come to associate with the '70s. The pieces range from candy bowls to vases to dining tables. At the recent New York Gift Fair, AVF showed new designs where she incorporated animal prints into her signature acrylic pieces.

Below, Alexandra Von Furstenberg talks about raising her kids, disco and great ideas.

When I wake up... I give thanks.

Before I go to bed... I take a bath.

A well-dressed man... is hypnotic.

Women should always... be kind.

Men should never... be rude.

The best thing that's been said about me... I am loyal and kind.

The biggest misconception about me... is that I am mean.

If I weren't doing what I'm doing today... I'd be a life coach.

My legacy... is how I raised my children.

A great idea... is energizing.

Botox is... good in moderation.

My mother... has great taste.

The soundtrack of my life... is always different but disco always does the trick.

The future... holds so much!

Happiness... is living every second with love, grace and gratitude.

There's a time and place for... eating with your fingers.

There is too much... fear and hatred in this world.

In the end... love is all that matters.

All photos from Alexandra Von Furstenberg

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