01/14/2013 08:14 am ET Updated Mar 16, 2013

6 Sun Belt Inns With History On Their Side (PHOTOS)

The season's snowfall and frosty temperatures are ideal outdoor conditions for cold weather enthusiasts. From skiing and snowmobiling to snowboarding and ice fishing, the frozen tundra is their wintry playground. Everyone else will prepare for a few months of hibernation -- hot beverage in hand -- and spend their nights dreaming of swimsuits and sandals.

The winter can be long, but that only means there's ample time to plot out a warm weather escape. So, where is the best place to visit this time of year?

If you are thinking about packing up your summer gear and getting out of town for the weekend, try following the migratory birds and heading south for a stately, historic inn. Not only will you get to bask under the balmy rays of the sun but also in the shadow of stunning, centuries-old architecture. You might even bring home a history lesson or two along with your newly-minted tan.

--Mary White, founder of

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