10/22/2012 07:45 am ET Updated Dec 22, 2012

Haunted American Cities and How They Got That Way (PHOTOS)

Have you ever felt an icy cold brush against your skin that sent chills racing up your spine and made your hair stand on end? What about hearing mysterious footsteps on creaky stairs and finding no one there? If you've experienced any of these phenomena, you might have had a run-in with a mischievous ghost. A simple greeting would probably suffice, but instead they prefer to take the roundabout approach. It may have to do with all the idle time -- centuries, millennia --they have on their translucent hands.

You'd slam a few doors, too.

With Halloween lurking around the corner, it's the time of year when these apparitions and other ghoulish fiends prepare their favorite frights. The private residences, former battlegrounds and haunted bed and breakfasts in some of the country's most ghost-riddled cities become their paranormal playgrounds. Here are six cities brimming with off-the-charts supernatural activity:

--Mary White, CEO and founder,

Haunted Cities