10/27/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

We Can't Afford More Of The... Smirk

This foreign policy debate was supposed to be Senator McCain's strongest of the series of three. And while he was effective at being a jittery war-monger and invoking words like "Petraeus" and "Miss Congeniality" seemingly at random, he was out-commander-in-chiefed by Senator Obama. More importantly, it ought to be clear by now that Senator Obama has the temperament to be an effective chief executive.

Where Senator McCain was unserious and petulant, Senator Obama was forceful, sharp and, at times, magnanimous. Hell, Senator McCain couldn't even look Senator Obama in the eye. Not once. Instead, Senator McCain snickered and smirked during the discussion of very serious issues. Where have we seen that behavior before?

After two weeks of spasmodic "blurt out random crap" behavior from Senator McCain, he absolutely failed to disprove any of the observations -- from both sides -- that he doesn't have the temperament nor the even keel to do the gig.

One more thing... Did John McCain suggest that America is funneling tax dollars... to terrorists?

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