03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

There Is a Beauty Within You #13: End Of 2009 Review And Best Wishes

Reflection: The end of the year is always a good time to review and reflect. What have we been doing in our blog?

Simply put we have worked to lessen our identification with our body, mind, and personality as our true self. And at the same time we tried to establish our identity in the present moment as awareness. Here we are able to say simply, "I am."

Why do this? Why go to all of this trouble? Because it is here as "I am" that we have the best chance of experiencing the realization of our self as eternal bliss. Here we are at the doorway of knowing our self to be pure awareness in a universe of infinite compassion and personal love. We do this work as a way of preparing to know our self beyond our mortal frame and limited consciousness.

Next year we will continue the process - reducing the attachment to mind, body and personality, increasing the experience of our self as awareness in the present moment, as "I am." We will be adding both active and silent meditations to our blog, while continuing with many of the tools we used this past year: intentions, reflections, "I am" meditations, inquiries, and compassionate service activities.

And finally here is my wish for each of you and your loved ones - may each moment of this holiday season be filled with the love, joy, and infinite compassion you already are.

See you online in 2010. Happy Holidays!