10/04/2009 02:47 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

There Is a Beauty Within You #1: Introduction

Life is not about becoming a more loving person or finding the love of your life, but instead coming to know and express the love you already are. It is not a matter of becoming a more compassionate person, but living a life reflective of the fact you are compassion.

You are more extraordinary than you even imagine. We all want happiness. No doubt you have heard that happiness resides within you. This is true, but let's take it a step further. Happiness doesn't just reside within you it is you. You are happiness and such a profound happiness we needed a new word to describe you. The word is bliss. What do you think of that? Amazing isn't it.

Everyone wants love in their life. Here we are again. No need to search for love because it too resides in you. And again, pushing it a little further, love not only resides within you but it is you. You are love.

There is a beauty within you beyond understanding. To put it more succinctly you are compassionate, blissful awareness. Is this making sense? We'll work more on this in future blogs.

Oscar Wilde is quoted as saying, "Experience is the name so many people give to their mistakes." With that in mind, my hope for this blog is to share with you my mistakes, I mean experience, in a way that helps you live a more joyful, peaceful and loving life. And please make this a dialogue, sharing your insights with us.

Together in this blog we will

1. Develop and share exercises to facilitate the realization of the blissful love we already are.
2. Grow in our discernment of which spiritual rituals and practices best support coming to know the beauty within each of us.
3. Create a personal spiritual practice that is focused, integrated, and directed toward the goal of living a life reflective of the compassionate, blissful awareness we are.

Our blog is here to support your spiritual growth. Please feel welcomed. Your presence is a gift, your being with us a joy.

Here are two exercises to get us started.

Reflection Exercise #1: Even if this isn't making sense just yet here is something for you to try. When you have a decision to make or choice of actions to take or not to take ask yourself the following question - If I am compassion then what would compassion do in this instance? You can substitute the words "love" or "bliss" in that sentence as well depending on the circumstance. Even if I don't know who I am it is who I am - compassionate, blissful consciousness. Act in accord with the truth of who you are and see if life becomes more fulfilling, joyful and peaceful for you.

Reflection Exercise #2: Recall your most profound experience of peace, love or happiness. Maybe you were fortunate enough to experience all three together. Whatever it is, hold on to this memory. Taste it. Be with it. It is your personal inner call reminding you of who you are. Or perhaps you don't have such a memory or it is too painful to remember. Then get in touch with your longing for love, peace or happiness. This is your inner voice drawing you closer. Use the energy of this wanting to guide you.

Stay with these memories and longings. Let them be a reminder of who you are -- heaven on earth.