03/03/2014 06:40 pm ET Updated May 03, 2014

Cory Gardner Wants to Be Your Senator

Cory Gardner -- Tea Party Republican -- wants to be your Senator.

Consider the implications of that. Given the current climate of the U.S. Senate, a single Senator can filibuster a bill and prevent a vote on any piece of legislation. Since 2008, obstructionist Senators have worked to nullify the results of an election that was a national mandate on failed Republican policies. A single Senator - Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, working with Tea Party supporters in the House - ultimately shut down the entire United States government.

An individual Senator can impose his ideology and the ideology of his corporate donors on all Americans, regardless of elections or public opinion.

Cory Gardner wants to be that single Senator.

The voters of Colorado must not give him that opportunity.

Gardner voted 48 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act and wants to deny healthcare coverage to veterans, seniors, low-income Americans, and anyone else who might not be eligible for traditional insurance coverage. Gardner wants to gut environmental safeguards and to completely eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency. Gardner believes that it is more important to protect corporations like Monsanto than it is to protect family farms. Gardner's voting record reflects his belief in a "free market America" in which businesses are free to pollute the environment, to pay extremely low wages, and otherwise defraud working Americans. He does not believe in investing in infrastructure, education, or research. He believes in rewarding the wealthy and punishing the poor, including low-income people in his own district. As a Senator, Gardner would be able to impose those beliefs on all Americans.

One Senator shut down the entire United States government.

Imagine what Cory Gardner could shut down if he is elected to the Senate.