09/19/2014 12:59 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2014

5 Celebrity Uses for New iOS8 Features

This piece originally appeared on Celebrity Watchdog.

In the last almost 24 hours, masses of people are deleting everything on their phone to make room for iOS 8 even though they don't realize you can just download it from your computer and not have to free up almost 6 gigabytes of space, but your loss man.

While there's plenty of great updates and new features for us common folk, we've let the creative juices flow to figure out the real importance of this update: How can it make a celebrity's life easier? Well, it's time to take a peek.

1. Safely Send Nudes with New Quick-Videos

During Celebgate at the end of August, a variety of stars had their privacy disrespected when nude photos of them ended up online, after possibly having their iCloud accounts brute-hacked. iOS 8 is stealing a feature from popular self-destructive messaging system Snapchat, by giving users the option of sending temporary videos.

In the new messages screen, if someone holds the camera button, two options will come up: Above your thumb there will be a camera button which takes-and-sends a selfie (without any confirmation, so caution there), and to the right of your thumb is a video button that will allow you to record and send a video in the current message. Default settings will delete these messages after two minutes, and the sender can easily see if friends decide to "keep" the video.

In the interest of fair disclosure, 5 Seconds of Summer boy-bander Calum Hood did recently have his Snapchat video nudes leaked to the world, so self-destructing is not always foolproof either.

2. Send Voice Messages, Not Screenshot-bait

Note to celebrities: Rather than going on phone tirades to vocally voice your frustrations, drunk thoughts, or racism, you can now raise your iPhone to your ear and speak your mind. The best part? Like the above videos, it will be deleted two minutes later.

In the past, Alex Rodriguez, Jesse James, and Tony Parker have been caught cheating through text messages, but if there's virtually no conversation to be had... There's nothing to trace. Cheating scandals aside, there are other celebrities who have their texts hacked for other reasons as well.

It eliminates the incriminating 48 minute phone call, while also leaving no screenshot-worthy evidence for prying eyes.

3. Emergency ID...Well, Helps Them in Emergencies

Let's try to avoid jokes about this one, because Emergency ID is one of the most important features Apple has ever added to their iOS. Considering the number of sudden celebrity deaths, the benefits of having an emergency contact, as well as a quickly-acessible list of necessary information for a bystander or paramedic, are boundless. This feature can certainly save lives with the option to include information such as current medications, allergies, prior medical conditions, organ donor status, and blood type.

While we always assume paramedics are doing everything they can for sudden celebrity injuries and deaths, you never know if having all the information there could have changed things.

4. Health

Branching out from just Emergency ID, to the new health features as a whole, we definitely see a lot of celebrity usage in this one. Between tracking calories burned and steps taken, it can begin working to replace sometimes-bulky fitness trackers, or make room for an Apple Watch on the user's wrist (which may or may not cost $5000 for the premium version). Whether bulking up to appear in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, or simply slimming down for a role, the app can act as a vast database for all health-info.

The app includes a storage area including: Sleep analysis, flights of stairs climbed, resting calories, the ability to track nutrient intake such as calories and caffeine, oxygen saturation, inhaler usage, and number of times fallen.

There's also a Blood Alcohol Content piece to it. We aren't quite sure what app or iOS enabled hardware would be collecting it, but it'll be definitely good to know, for certain celebs out there. If only Lindsay and Paris had this ten years ago.

5. Apple Pay

Gone are the days of celebrity belittlement. How dare someone propose that a C-list star pull her payment information out of her overpriced clutch to hand to a cashier making $9 per hour, that's embarrassing and definitely not safe. Well, good news is at supported NFC Payment Terminals, all the celeb will need to do is hold their phone against the terminal, avoid eye-contact, and continue on with their day. Since McDonald's drive-thru windows are supported we expect to see a few nights of drunkenly rude Justin Bieber waving his phone (or wrist) through the window.

Apple Pay is also supported for some online retailers, meaning that there's no need for the online merchant to ever receive your billing information. Apple Pay won't make it's grand debut until October and an iPhone 6 (plus or not) or Apple Watch is required for use.